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Our Consulting Process


Our goal is to make sure that from the start to finish of your journey to getting the dream home you deserve, is as smooth as possible.

Every step of the homebuilding process is different for every homeowner, but we will work with you every step of the way, so you understand what steps we need to make and when they are going to be completed. We strive to make this the easiest and most stress free process we can. 


Step 1: Initial Meeting with Precision Barn Homes 

We will invite and welcome you to our office to discuss your custom build process. During this meeting we will explore your custom home options. If you have drawings, notes, any form of sketches, we encourage you to bring these in as they will help us see the direction of where you want to go for the build.

  • Your initial design preferences

  • Your budgetary needs

  • Land options ( If you dont have land and/or are not working with a real estate agent already, we will help get you in contact with our real estimate team to assist you in finding the perfect property for your needs.)  


Step 2: Plans / Drawings


We will go over different options of plans: 

  • We will show you options of pre-drawn plans that you can purchase ( any changes made may result in an additional charge) 

  •  You have the option to start from scratch and work with our in house designer / estimator. ( A deposit will be required before having drawings rendered.)  

  • Prelimanry drawings will be provided if starting from scratch ( see pricing tab for details) 

Step 3: Getting an Estimate and Plans Drawn

We will provide you with an estimate that breaks down the cost of the plans and also our office fee.

Once approved and payment is collect we will move forward with sending off the request for the plans to be drawn. Once we get back the drawings, we will send you a copy of the drawing. During that time, we encourage you to review the plans for your approval. If there are changes that need to be made we will get those sent for updates and then once everything is done and approved.we will then move forward with the next steps as follows: 

  • Sending the plans off to our vendors to get pricing for each item

  • As pricing is getting turned in to our office, we will start putting all that pricing together into a budget estimate. ( Lead time for all pricing to come back is estimating about 2-3 weeks, subject to change to a higher lead time based on work load from vendors.) 

  • When all pricing has been put together in the estimate, we will then send it to you for your approval. 

  • Once approved, we will move to the next step and get everything written in a contract and signed. 

  • If deposits are required we will assist in making sure all gets taken care of. 

  • We will make sure that all documents needed have been provided and then start on the build. 


Step 4: Starting the Project

Once a contract is signed, we will then move forward with discussing the details of payment. If working with a bank for a loan, we will discuss options in further detail on how draws will be made.

Step 5: Closing On Your Build

We want to make your home as perfect as possible. Before closing on your build, we will walk through the build with you and discuss any final steps. We will also discuss any financial wrap up and schedule the closing. You will also get the full details of the Precision Barn Home warranty on your new custom build. After that........


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