Precision Barn Home Kitchen
Precision Barn Home Kitchen

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Precision Barn Home Mud Room
Precision Barn Home Mud Room

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Precision Barn Home Living Room
Precision Barn Home Living Room

Open concept living room into the kitchen

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Precision Barn Home Kitchen
Precision Barn Home Kitchen

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Our Custom Build Process


Our philosophy recognizes that the custom home building process for each homeowner offers unique opportunities and challenges from the lay of the land to budgetary and functional needs. We see you as a homeowner, not a project, so every instance of the homebuilding process will be a little different. We will work with you every step of the way, so you understand what steps we need to complete and when they are going to be completed.




Step 1: Initial Meeting with a Precision Barn Homes Representative

We will invite and welcome you to our office to discuss your custom build process. During this meeting we will explore your custom home options.

What We Discuss​

  • Your initial design preferences

  • Your budgetary needs

  • Your short- and long-term financing options, if necessary


Step 2: Land Selection and Home Location

If you do not already have a lot or piece of land purchased, our real estate team, Ranchman Properties, can assist you in finding the perfect location!


What We Discuss

  • The areas you prefer to live in

  • If the local school district meets your family’s needs

  • The dynamic of your lot or piece of land, including sun angles, wind factors, and topography

  • Your preferred surroundings, like lakes, ponds, trees, etc.


At this point, we will help you choose the perfect lot or piece of land for building your home. We will also support you as you place the piece of land under contract and schedule initial meetings with mortgage bankers, and begin the conceptual plan design.


Step 3: Conceptual Plan Review

Once your lot is settled, we will meet to go over your plans and review a scale drawing of the initial dimensions, home layout, and front elevation on the selected homesite.


We encourage you to bring any pictures, floor plan examples, or any inspiration to this meeting for us to review. We will work with you to create a list of design guidelines in order of importance (total square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths).


What We Discuss

  • Your initial home concept and layout

  • Any changes or layout amendments

  • Your site plan with topographical overlays


We then return any revisions you have to the architect for review and amendments. Once your architectural plan is complete and approved, we will meet with you to discuss the aesthetic of your home. We will ask you to approve all wall texture samples, exterior materials, or patterns and colors.


Step 4: Preliminary Plan and Price Finalization

Once you are satisfied with the conceptual plan, we will meet again to review any modifications and walk you through your new home. We will make sure you understand every functional and spatial aspect of your home, from the stone or lumber walls down to the door hinges.


We will go room by room through the layout to define the scope of the project and any allowances on the budget. You may meet with our team one or more times.


After we confirm your preliminary plan, we will review the initial construction cost sheet and specifications. If our price exceeds your budget, we will review and re-price the cost sheet. After that, you can then accept the finalized cost and specifications. From there, the preliminary plan will be valid for 30 days.


Step 5: Contract Signing and Sharing Documents

Once you put the pen to paper, we officially begin the construction process. You will simply need to sign the construction cost sheet, specifications, and contracts, as well as put down your deposit of the sales price.


After the contract is signed, we help you make sure your paperwork is in order. You do not need to go up against a lender alone. We’ll work with you to choose an interim and mortgage lender (if applicable), and help you send your preliminary plan and contracts to your lender. Then all you have to do is finalize the documents from your lender.


Step 6: Complete Construction Drawings and Submit Plans

At this point you, our team, and your lender has a clear picture of your home. Your architect will complete your final construction drawings, including the engineering and structural plans, so we can pass it along to your construction team.

When the plans are done, you don’t have to worry about permitting and governmental paperwork. We will acquire (if necessary) the required approvals from local and state government entities to build your home. We submit the plans, attend appropriate local meetings, and get acceptance from the proper authorities to move forward in the construction process.


Step 7: Close Interim Construction Financing

With all plans and approvals in place, you will close on the interim financing. We’ll meet you at your title company to sign closing documents after you schedule a date for interim closing. Once the closing documents are signed, we can begin construction.


Step 8: Pre-construction Meeting

We want to make sure you’re completely up to speed on your role in the construction process before we break ground. We will set up a meeting to introduce you to our Precision Barn Home team, lay out your responsibilities, and outline when you will need to approve something.


Step 9: Breaking Ground and Framing

This is where the skeleton of your house takes shape. During this step, we clear your lot, pour your foundation, and install the frame of your home.


Step 10: Roofing and Rough Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Once your framing is complete, we will build your roof. We then move on to installing the rough mechanical elements of your home, including HVAC, ductwork, electrical wiring, and any smart home systems. At the end of the installation, we will walk you through your home and review the structure at this phase.


Step 11: Installing Walls and Fixtures

Following the framework of your mechanical systems, we add your home’s insulation, drywall, and apply approved interior wall textures as well as primer. We also install your plumbing fixtures, doors, trim, and flooring. This is also when we finish up your mechanical and electrical systems.


Step 12: Finishing Touches

Your home is nearing completion at the point. We install all of your lighting, appliances, bathroom hardware, mirrors, glass, and cabinets. Since the major home construction is complete, this is when we do your irrigation and landscaping.


Step 13: Final Walkthrough and Closing

We want to make your home as perfect as possible. Before we turn your home over to you, we walk the property with you and discuss any final steps. We will also discuss any financial wrap up and schedule the closing. You will also get the full details of the Precision Barn Home warranty on your new custom home.